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The great IPIN debate
There has been a lot of confusion around the need for an IPIN and how to go about getting one. For those not up to speed - the IPIN is a unique ITF (International Tennis Federation) identification number for players who compete in ITF tournaments.

At first we were told that all players entering the IPT would require an IPIN. However, as the IPT is not an ITF Tournament, the IPIN is not actually required (you need to be an I-specialist to understand all this!)

However, if you are considering playing in an ITF tournament then you MUST register. The ITF Veterans Tournaments are Western Province, KZN, Gauteng North, SWD, and Nationals.

Before you decide that this doesn't apply to you please remember that Nationals will be held in East London next year so if you are planning on entering Nationals (and I hope you are) then please read on and find out how to register.

The good news is that the IPIN Membership fee is free for players that register BEFORE 31st October 2011. Thereafter, the fee is US$20, payable online by credit card during the registration process. Your annual membership on the ITF Seniors (Vets) Circuit will be valid from the date of registration until 31st December 2012.The Seniors (Vets) IPIN fee will return to its normal level of US$30 for the 2013 ITF Seniors (Vets) Circuit.

Note that if you are under 35, then you are NOT considered a Senior by the ITF and you do not need an IPIN unless you intend playing in one of the four Grand Slams or in the Davis Cup.

Registering is simple even some of our most senior players have managed to do it on their own!

Go to for a step-by-step guide on what to do.

There is more information at

I hope that clears up the debate for now.
Posted by: Dylan Rawlins on 2011-08-09